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Download Problems
You should receive a download link immediately after payment. If you experience any problems, please contact
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Problems Opening the .ZIP File
The download tutorial video is delivered as a zipped file. Most computers have no problem opening a .zip file. In the event that you are unable to open the zipped file, no problem. You can download for free, software that will open the zipped file:
WinZip - for Windows computers
ZipIt - for Mac computers

Problems Playing the Video File
The video has been heavily compressed to save you download time, so a little choppiness in playback is normal. If the video or audio is not playing at all, then you have a different problem... you need the free QuickTime player. Get it here. Oh, make sure you have your computer's speaker volume up too.

That's it!
The info above, followed correctly, should've solved all your problems. If not, no problem... contact
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